SQLite compilation setup

The view server uses SQLite via sqlx as its backing store. The type-safe query macros require compile-time information about the database schemas. Normally, this information is cached in the crate’s sqlx-data.json, and nothing extra is required to build.

However, when editing the view server’s database code, it’s necessary to work with a development database:

  1. You’ll need sqlx-cli installed with the correct features: cargo install sqlx-cli --features sqlite

  2. The database structure is defined in the migrations/ directory of the view crate.

  3. Set the DATABASE_URL environment variable to point to the SQLite location. For instance,

    export DATABASE_URL="sqlite:///tmp/pclientd-dev-db.sqlite"

    will set the shell environment variable to the same one set in the project’s .vscode/settings.json.

  4. From the view directory, run cargo sqlx database setup to create the database and run migrations.

  5. From the view directory, run cargo sqlx prepare -- --lib to regenerate the sqlx-data.json file that allows offline compilation.