Building pd

The node software pd is part of the same repository as pcli, so follow those instructions to clone the repo and install dependencies.

To build pd, run

cargo build --release --bin pd

Because you are building a work-in-progress version of the node software, you may see compilation warnings, which you can safely ignore.

Installing Tendermint

You’ll need to have Tendermint installed on your system to join your node to the testnet.

NOTE: Previous versions of Penumbra used Tendermint 0.35, which has now been officially deprecated by the Tendermint Council. We have now rolled back to v0.34. Do not use Tendermint 0.35, which will no longer work with pd. that can prevent nodes from staying online.

Follow Tendermint’s installation instructions, but before you start compiling, make sure you are compiling version v0.34.23.

git checkout v0.34.23