Generating a Wallet

On first installation of pcli, you will need to generate a fresh wallet to use with Penumbra.

The pcli init command will generate a configuration file. To generate a new wallet, try:

$ cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli init soft-kms generate
Save this in a safe place!
Writing generated configs to [PATH TO PCLI DATA]

This uses the soft-kms backend, which saves the generated spend key in the config file.

Alternatively, to import an existing wallet, try

$ cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli init soft-kms import-phrase
Enter seed phrase:
Writing generated configs to [PATH TO PCLI DATA]

Penumbra’s design automatically creates 2^32 (four billion) numbered accounts controlled by your wallet.

To generate the address for a numbered account, use pcli view address:

$ cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli view address 0

You can also run pcli view address on an address to see which account it corresponds to:

$ cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli view address penumbrav2t1...
Address is viewable with this full viewing key. Account index is 0.

Addresses are opaque and do not reveal account information. Only you, or someone who has your viewing key, can decrypt the account information from the address.

Getting testnet tokens on the [Discord] in the #testnet-faucet channel

In order to use the testnet, it’s first necessary for you to get some testnet tokens. The current way to do this is to join our Discord and post your address in the #testnet-faucet channel. We’ll send your address some tokens on the testnet for you to send to your friends! :)

Just keep in mind: testnet tokens do not have monetary value, and in order to keep the signal-to-noise ratio high on the server, requests for tokens in other channels will be deleted without response. Please do not DM Penumbra Labs employees asking for testnet tokens; the correct venue is the dedicated channel.