Joining a network

We provide instructions for running both fullnode deployments and validator deployments. A fullnode will sync with the network but will not have any voting power, and will not be eligible for staking or funding stream rewards. For more information on what a fullnode is, see the CometBFT documentation.

A regular validator will participate in voting and rewards, if it becomes part of the consensus set. Of course, these rewards, like all other testnet tokens, have no value.

Generating configs

To join a network as a fullnode, install the most recent version of pd, run pd network join to generate configs, then use those configs to run pd and cometbft.

pd network join \
    --moniker MY_NODE_NAME \
    --external-address IP_ADDRESS:26656 \

where MY_NODE_NAME is a moniker identifying your node, and IP_ADDRESS (like is the public IP address of the node you’re running. Other peers will try to connect to your node over port 26656/TCP. Finally, the NODE_URL flag specified the CometBFT RPC for the remote node you wish to bootstrap from.

If your node is behind a firewall or not publicly routable for some other reason, skip the --external-address flag, so that other peers won’t try to connect to it. You can also skip the --moniker flag to use a randomized moniker instead of selecting one.

This command fetches the genesis file for the target network, and writes configs to a network data directory (by default, ~/.penumbra/network_data). If any data exists in the network data directory, this command will fail. See the section above on resetting node state.

Running pd and cometbft

Copy the systemd service configs into place from the project git repo:

cd deployments/systemd/
sudo cp *.service /etc/systemd/system/
# edit service files to customize for your system
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart penumbra cometbft

In particular, if you have DNS configured for your node, you should edit the ExecStart line for pd to use the --grpc-auto-https option.

Resetting state

If you have previously joined a network before, and want to purge those configs, use:

pd network unsafe-reset-all

This will delete the entire network data directory, after which you can re-join. You should only run this command after stopping pd and cometbft.