Using pcli

This section describes how to use pcli, the command line client for Penumbra:

Penumbra is a private blockchain, so the public chain state does not reveal any private user data. By default, pcli includes a view service that synchronizes with the chain and scans with a viewing key.

Please submit any feedback and bug reports

Thank you for helping us test the Penumbra network! If you have any feedback, please let us know in the #testnet-feedback channel on our Discord. We would love to know about bugs, crashes, confusing error messages, or any of the many other things that inevitably won’t quite work yet. Have fun! :)

Diagnostics and Warnings

By default, pcli prints a warning message to the terminal, to be sure that people understand that this is unstable, unfinished, pre-release software. To disable this warning, export the PCLI_UNLEASH_DANGER environment variable.